Why is the current eviction moratorium insufficient?

“A lot of tenants who should be covered by the CDC order aren’t.”

Bob Damewood (Regional Housing Legal Services in Pittsburgh)

Moratoriums work. With an enacted moratorium, compared to years without one, there are fewer eviction filings nationwide. However, evictions are still occurring even with a “moratorium” in place.

Why has the current eviction moratorium failed?

  • The current CDC eviction moratorium only applies to evictions occurring for non-payment of rent. This means that evictions for lease violations or termination of tenancy at the end of a lease can occur. This is not sufficient, comprehensive, or right. 
  • How the moratorium is upheld varies widely across localities as the order allows for “local interpretation”. 
  • Hundreds of evictions are being filed every week in Pennsylvania. We need a stronger, comprehensive moratorium that ends all evictions and immediate relief.

Make sure you have filled out and submitted the CDC declaration form (click here for other languages). If you are facing eviction, please visit our resource page or contact us to be connected to financial and legal support and mutual aid resources. 

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